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Urbandoor is a furnished apartment marketplace built for professionals  




Month+ placements


Extended projects 

What it takes to become a provider

 Every apartment comes with a space to work & wifi

Every apartment comes with a space to work & wifi

Work-ready apartments

Residents need to be able to move-in with just a suitcase and work from home.

This means providing amenities like cookware, linens, towels, toiletries, cable tv, wifi and more. It also means ensuring a workspace in the apartment.

See full apartment standards, service levels, and more on quality assurance here. 

 No individual hosts or private homes

No individual hosts or private homes

Pros need only apply

Every apartment provider is vetted for quality and experience. 

Gather the following and apply in under 15 minutes:

  • Business credit rating

  • Insurance certificate

  • Apartment standards 

  • Service standards 

  • Pre-arrival checklist

  • Safety and security policy and protocol


Don't miss this growing resident segment 


Leases, not leads

Urbandoor integrates with property management systems to get real-time inventory availability and pricing.

Properties increase net-operating income without taking furnished inventory risk. Apartments are instantly bookable like a hotel.


Partner with providers

Owners who want to serve these residents, but avoid the operational aspects can partner with existing providers. 

This works similarly to traditional corporate housing programs, but without holding inventory.


Safeguards come standard

Renter's Insurance, Credit Check, and Background Screening included.

Have the peace of mind that residents coming through Urbandoor are vetted to your standards.

Want to get under the hood?

We'll reach out to schedule a demo of the Provider Dashboard

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