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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Booking

Step 1: Your workflow begins as usual. Your client sends the new initiation to BGRS. Once received, you head to Urbandoor and click on the “quotes” tab.


PRO TIP: This is the fastest way to get the most bookable options.



Step 2: Give your request a name that will help you track it (e.g., traveler or transferee name).

FOR HOTEL REQUIREMENTS IN THE NEAR TERM, please source through your traditional channels until BGRS informs you otherwise.

PRO TIP: Get as much information from your client upfront before initiating the request to get the best results from providers.

Stay Name: This helps identify quote requests and stay for a specific client and assignee. Format to follow: “File Number - Company-Assignee Name - Location”. For  example “XYZ555-Company A-Sally Smith-San Francisco”

Stay Location: You may enter a City, Neighborhood or specific address. If the resident would like to be in proximity to a certain location, such as a work address or school, enter that as a specific address in order to see options with specific miles to location

Stay Dates: Add the specific Arrival and Departure date for the stay.

Apartment Type: The number of bedrooms required by resident. You many receive options or quotes back on bedroom that exceed this amount that match the budget.

Min/Max Budget: Most importantly, max budget should be 5% less to accommodate for additional fees at checkout. Please be sure to check the pricing on any additional items like Pets, Parking or Housekeeping.

Parking and Pets: Dictate if resident will be bringing pets or need parking. While these fees (if required) are typically predetermined for a property and provider, you will more easily see which options will support these needs. You are not required to book these additional items if requested for the quote.

Request Comments: Any and all questions or specific needs desired should be added to this section of the form. Providers can see these details and respond accordingly. Unit details, view, type of pet, etc.

Step 3: You will now see all properties included in your request. If you see a quote, you can book that option.


If the status is "Pending" it means you have yet to receive a quote for that property.

Note that you can sort by distance, price or driving distance in the upper left above the property card.


Clicking the “i” icon on the price will show you a breakdown of costs.


Clicking on the “Additional items Pricing” text will reveal a breakdown of those costs, should they be available or you choose to purchase.


Quote 2.png

Step 4: When you have additional quotes, you will receive an email notification. Click the green button to go to your quotes page.


PRO TIP: Save Urbandoor as a contact to ensure emails always get to your inbox.

Screen Recording 2019-04-09 at 04.25 PM.gif

Step 5: To share options, simply select “share” and press the green button that says, “Share Options”.

Keep in mind apartments are not being held, so the sooner you share, the sooner the resident can choose and the apartment can be secured.

You have the ability to write a customized message and reveal pricing.


Step 6: Whomever you choose to share options with will get a system-generated email directing them to review and make a selection. Like you, they can click on the property summary card to review property details. Click the video to see the experience.


PRO TIP:  The top photo gallery is from the property management data feed. The sub-photo gallery are from apartment providers operating in the building.

Step 7: You will be notified via email when a housing option has been selected. Click the green button in the email, which will take you back into the quotes page.




Step 8: The selected quote will have a blue check mark in the top right corner. Click the "Book" or "Request to Book" button.

Step 9: Complete the Booking form and click "Purchase Stay".

Stay Name: This should be prefilled from the Stay Name submitted with the request. If for some reason it gets cleared, follow this format: “File Number - Company-Assignee Name - Location”. For  example “XYZ555-Company A-Sally Smith-San Francisco”.

Guest Info: Fill out the Resident’s Full Name and Email address. Phone number is optional, but helpful to have if there are issues that need to be addressed with the assignee before they provide their phone number. The person who you enter here will be the person who gets all the arrival and departure instructions for the apartment.

Additional Items (Add-ons): Housekeeping, Pets and Parking - These are optional but must be booked at this time if needed by the resident. If the client policy requires that the resident pays for these items, please note this in the booking comments.

Booking Form Top.png
Booking Form Bottom.png

Payment method: Most bookings will be “Direct Bill” which will be billed to the client through BGRS Client Accounting. In some cases where the client corporate card will be charged, add that card here and select when booking.

Booking Requests and Comments: Detail any and all needs of the resident for arrival or in-stay. If known, include arrival times. Include Pet details if bringing pets.

PRO-TIP: Do not request new dates on this page. Go through booking@urbandoor.com to make adjustments prior to purchase.

Step 10: As you do today, once the booking is secured via Urbandoor, you will need to login to Novus and send a referral via the Temporary Living workflow to Urbandoor. The need to send a referral from BGRS’s system is for invoicing purposes. Please complete the referral with the necessary details. Any questions, contact Supply Chain Management at BGRS.

Bonus: To view upcoming, current and past stays view the “Stays” tab.


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.09.48 PM.png

Hooray! You've booked an apartment

Next, the resident finalizes their reservation. To see that flow, visit: https://info.urbandoor.com/resident-reservation-finalization

Service & Contacts

Booking Support. For any platform use or booking-related questions, please contact the Urbandoor fulfillment team.

Email: booking@urbandoor.com

International: +1 415-236-5902

UK: +44 7480 802933

For escalations, contact:

Lexi Wayman - Fulfillment Manager



Pre-Arrival & Stay Support. All questions related to pre-arrival or during the stay will be handled by Urbandoor's 24/7 virtual stay support. The Urbandoor support team loops in the Provider when necessary.

Email: support@urbandoor.com

Phone: +1.415.275.6627


Account Management Support. Overall account health, feedback and development matters will be handled by a dedicated account manager:

Eric Herman - Director, Account Management
(617) 290-6208