Real Innovation: Improving the customer experience in mobility

How many times has the word “innovation” been mentioned in global mobility?

It seems from talking to long-time industry experts that every so often, a new company will announce the latest and greatest innovation with great fanfare. But take a closer look and most of the time it’s a nice improvement, sure. But does the innovation change the game? No.

This familiar scenario is currently playing out in the corporate housing space.  Platforms have been built touting a new way of doing things. But is it true innovation, or are we simply observing a digitization of an analog process? Of course applying technology to a manual process is certainly an improvement - but does it truly improve the process for everyone involved?

At Urbandoor we are changing the traditional process of corporate housing to improve the experience for everyone involved. Looking back on our first ERC conference a year ago, we’re excited at the progress and what we’re bringing to Atlanta this year.


Part of our path to improvement is to allow RMC teams to enjoy greater visibility to the corporate housing process. With Urbandoor, the relocation service teams receive automated updates throughout the process including; check-in notifications, issue occurrences, and resolutions, and visibility to in the notice to vacate phase.

We’ve automated many processes that today are manual but we didn’t stop there. The organization of those processes and the notifications of their outcomes is all in your Urbandoor dashboard.


With true instant booking launching this summer, RMCs no longer have to wait for options to present to the transferring employee. Now you can present options instantly, or even instantly book and secure an apartment for a last minute transferee. This helps you offer a differentiated experience versus traditional sourcing and combat the fact more and more transferees are asking to find temporary housing themselves.  It is not a secret that Airbnb wants into this market. Urbandoor’s goal is to not only help an RMC be the hero for their client but also enable corporate housing companies to easily offer and operate their apartments and be competitive in this quickly evolving market.

Our recent partnerships in the travel management space reflect this philosophy and how we are changing the traditional process in corporate housing. Find out more at or come see us this week in Atlanta at the ERC Americas Conference.