$800 a night?!

We're hearing from some Urbandoor customers that hotels in certain cities right now cost $800 a night or more. I'm not talking about The Ritz, I'm talking about a well furnished, well-appointed room in an area near businesses and airports.

Come to think of it, what I'm describing sounds a lot like a Serviced Apartment booked through Urbandoor, but without the price tag.

What we're doing, is making it as easy to book an apartment as it is to book a hotel. You come to expect things from hotel booking: Simple interface, responsive interaction, customer support, etc. What you don't expect is to get a nightly rate that's two to three times your approved budget. We're working with Corporate Housing Providers and multifamily owners to bring a better level of experience to booking an apartment. Why book an overpriced hotel or vacation rental when what you really want is a clean, well-furnished place to live on your next business trip or extended project?

Hotels are great for short stays - but they don't feel like home, and at certain times, they are cost prohibitive, even for the most flexible budgets. Just this week we had someone book from an airplane en route to the San Francisco Bay Area. Why? Their hotel cost was astronomical and they tried Urbandoor as a last minute effort to save some money. The guest was able to find and book an apartment, much like you would a hotel, before landing.  That’s right, booking secured, money saved, and tension relieved all before getting off the plane!  We’re on a mission to make booking apartments easier.  If you haven’t booked an apartment on Urbandoor.  Try us today!