A place to live

Coming off a few days in Las Vegas and the first National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Conference for me and the Urbandoor team, I hit this week running with excitement for what’s ahead for Urbandoor, and our opportunity with multifamily. NMHC describes OPTECH as “the premier destination for what’s next in multifamily” and this is what I felt all week: The energy around what’s next.

The best way to frame the week came from the keynote by Peter Diamandes. A true entrepreneur and visionary Peter gave a fantastic keynote on Thursday about the Implications of Accelerated Change. Peter looked at technology and how our economies and planet are changing at an increasingly accelerated rate. From the Model T to AI to self-driving Ubers; he mapped out the exponential rate at which our world is evolving in every way. He said the way businesses need to think about themselves is changing and that if you’re not truly thinking more openly about what your business and your industry do, then you won’t evolve. For multifamily, he posed the question to the audience to think about whether you’re in the business of signing long-term leases or whether you’re in the business of helping people find a place to live.

A place to live.

That’s what Urbandoor is all about. Sure we’re doing this now through our marketplace and making it as easy to book an apartment as it is to book a hotel or Airbnb - but our mission and our vision has always been about the evolving world of accommodations and the need for businesses to help their employees find “a place to live”. Hotels are great for up to a week but beyond that, you want more. You want a place to live. And a place to live for work travel is different than a place to live for vacation.

And that’s what motivates me and the entire Urbandoor team, to get up every day. We’re software people but at the core, we’re all focused on the hospitality we’re helping to deliver. The future for multifamily is changing and will change faster than we all can imagine. Short term vs long term, online bookings, amenities, local experiences, drone-enabled package delivery, automated drop offs and more. All of this will change in the coming years and our hope with Urbandoor is to help be a part of that change, making it easier to find a place to live on your next extended work trip or relocation.