Serviced Apartments are the new alternative.

I had the chance to attend GBTA Canada this week and got to talk with fellow suppliers, travel managers, TMCs and a variety of industry veterans.  With over 800 of the top companies and suppliers in the Canadian market, GBTA Canada was a stellar event where two key themes in travel kept coming up; Duty of care and alternative accommodations. While Urbandoor has great solutions to the Duty of care concerns for booking outside of hotels, the notion of what an alternative accommodation is, can be a somewhat more complicated concept.

Below is an interview I did with GBTA Executive Director & COO, Mike McCormick where we touch on the notion of alternative accommodations and hint at the future. I truly believe that just as Uber and Lyft started as alternatives and are becoming the norm in transportation, so too will Urbandoor and Serviced Apartments become simply another core choice for business travel and relocation.

Uber and Lyft - which are essentially ‘alternative transportation’ companies - succeeded by making more supply available to fill the pent-up demand for paid rides. By making it easier for existing inventory (such as Limo drivers) and new inventory (such as your friendly neighborhood Uber driver) to connect with individuals needing rides, Uber and Lyft were able to increase the overall size of the market, and deliver exceptional experiences to customers around the world.

At Urbandoor we’re addressing the accommodations challenge with a similar approach. We’re solving traveler needs with access to a global network of professionally managed, Serviced Apartments. Like Uber/Lyft, we’re opening up inventory that didn’t previously exist (such as vacant apartments from top tier owners/operator) as well as working with existing Serviced Apartment providers to make their inventory more accessible. The results? The consistency of the accommodation and service with Duty of care compliance in a comfortable apartment - a great ‘alternative’ when business travel requires a stay beyond a few days.