Joining the Worldwide ERC Board

Earlier this month, Worldwide ERC appointed three new board members and I was honored to be one of them. I join Kerwin Guillermo, Director, Global Employee Mobility, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Singapore; and Andrew Walker, GMS, Global Mobility Leader, EY, New York, NY in a three-year term. Full details can be seen here.

More important than the title or appointment, is the work we’ll get to do to help an industry grow and evolve. Businesses across every industry are watching as change comes faster and faster. Having worked in a variety of startups that I grew from an idea into businesses and ultimately acquisitions by Yahoo! and Cisco, I’ve seen all sides of innovation and evolution. It’s not easy, but change is inevitable and companies and organizations that embrace continued learning, and change, will win in the end.

Coming off of the first Board meeting this week, I was excited to hear first hand how Worldwide ERC is looking to grow the industry. Additionally, the collaboration and learning among my fellow board members were inspiring to see. The team at Urbandoor has been investing our time and effort to learn and deliver innovation and meaningful technology to the multifamily and serviced apartment world. Working with Worldwide ERC is another way we can help, and learn how to connect these innovations in the apartment world to improve Mobility worldwide.  

If you’re in Chicago this week at the Global Workforce Symposium, please come visit me and the team at booth #445 and tell us what we can do to help.