Duty of Care

You take Duty of Care* seriously, and so do we. We work with Hospitality Providers and leverage technology solutions to deliver total transparency.  Multifamily apartment properties also meet local and national fire and life safety requirements.

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Travel Risk Management

Assuring the well-being of the Guest and Community

Our goal is to proactively mitigate the risks of traveling Guests on behalf of their Companies in cooperation with Providers. Each property is serviced by professional managers and meets local emergency and fire protection standards. 


Risk Management

Standards and guidelines to protect against loss

Hospitality Providers design and service the apartments while ensuring the Guest’s experience is top notch. As corporations, they carry the appropriate liability insurance and work to meet maintenance and cleanliness standards.


Crisis Management

Information and processes in case of an emergency

Urbandoor’s Concierge is available 24/7 and with protocols in place to respond to emergencies. This includes multi-modal guest communication (talk, text or email) and Hospitality Provider engagement for on-site resolution, as appropriate.

Please note that Urbandoor's definition and standards for Duty of Care are designed to meet the guidelines our customers, and the industry demand. It is the responsibility of each Customer to review our policies to determine if and how they fit within their individual organization's internal standards.