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A Step-by-Step Guide to Booking & Offering Apts

When you're both a booking agent and the apartment provider, you have a unique workflow. Below, we walk you through it.

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Step 1: Visit Urbandoor.com and enter your traveler's desired location and dates.


PRO TIP: Use a Chrome browser & be sure you're logged in. If you've forgotten your credentials, you can always request your password.

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Step 2: Review the options and click the property card(s) of interest.




PRO TIP: You can zoom in or zoom out on the map or adjust your filters. Keep in mind, adding filters may narrow your options.

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Step 3: Review the property details and click "Check Price & Availability" to request a quote.


PRO TIP: Make sure your dates are accurate before you request price and availability to avoid re-work.

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Step 4: Name your request, specify add-ons, and enter you reference ID into the comments field before clicking “Get Quote.”


PRO TIP: Only check off the option to make quote requests at nearby properties if you actually want offers back on other, similar properties.

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Offering Apts

Step 5: Login as a provider at https://provider.urbandoor.com


PRO TIP: Stay on Chrome, and if you don't know your password, click "Forgot Password".

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Step 6: Click "Respond" to the availability request(s) on your dashboard.

Step 7: Review the request requirements on the right hand side, and click "Make Offer"

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Step 8: Fill in the offer details with a nightly rate, tax rate, additional fees, and when the quote will expire. Then, click "Submit Offer."



PRO TIP: You can mark that Add-Ons like housekeeping and parking are not available, and that pets are not allowed. These will save at the property for future offers.

Back to Booking

Step 9: Log back into Urbandoor.com to view the available Quotes.

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Step 10: Fill out the Booking Form with the guest info and select Invoice Company under payment details.



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PRO TIP:  Don't forget to add the financial indicator into the comment section.

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Hooray! You've booked an apartment

Next, the guest confirms their stay. To a detailed how-to on Guest Confirmation, visit: https://info.urbandoor.com/guest-confirmation-how-to

Providers: how to prepare for a stay


Step 1: Log back in as a provider (https://provider.urbandoor.com) and navigate to "Stays" and click the "Assign" button.

PRO TIP: Make sure you're on the "Upcoming" tab.

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Step 2: In the Assign form, add the apartment unit number.



Step 3: Next, click "Add" under STAY INFO to ensure that the addresses are accurate and that guest(s) know how to get into the apartment.









PRO TIP: Arrival instructions are of GREAT importance. Short, clear instructions are best. Also include contact info of who to call if they can't get in. 

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Beside getting the apartment ready for guests, you're now all set for the stay.


Guest will receive complete arrival details 24 hours before their check-in date.


It comes via email and looks like this -->


Please write SHORT, clear entry instructions.




Also contact who to call if they cannot get in.

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