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Your Urbandoor Booking Guide


If you get an inquiry about furnished apartment options, direct the prospect to www.greystar.com and have them click on the “Furnished Apartments” tab in the upper navigation bar.

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Next, direct the prospect to scroll down to the area labeled “Corporate Housing Metro Areas” and find their relevant geography.

The next page will list all the Greystar communities in that area. Direct the prospect to your community and have them click “View Community”.

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This will take the prospect to your community’s property page on Urbandoor where they can lease it online.

Next, instruct the prospect to enter their rental dates. They must choose a start date at least 5 days in advance of purchase and the length of the stay must be at least 30 nights.  

In some properties, the minimum may be longer. The Urbandoor system will flag this in the calendar widget. To book the stay, the arrival and departure dates must meet the community’s set minimums.


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If they are not an Urbandoor member already, they will Sign Up now.


Then, they will be taken to the Booking Form, where they can purchase their stay conveniently online.

Please let them know that this includes all utilities and any additional items they may add. It’s one bill. Paid by credit card. No check writing each month.

Their stay also includes Renter’s Insurance. For details on what this includes, direct them to the Urbandoor Help Center and the keyword “Renter’s Insurance

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After they hit the “Purchase Stay” button, they will receive an email from Urbandoor that walks them through the background and credit check process.


Once cleared on background and credit, their reservation will be final. They will receive instructions on how to get into the property and unit via email 72 hours and 24 hours before their arrival date.

All questions related to this booking are handled by Urbandoor's 24/7 stay support. The Urbandoor concierge loops in the Provider where necessary.



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That’s it! Thank you for your time and efforts to help Greystar customers get the furnished apartments they want easily.