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What is Urbandoor?


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We are a global platform for 

fully furnished, turnkey apartments

 in 1000+ markets.



 A few companies who trust Urbandoor for their temporary living needs:





Urbandoor by the Numbers

April 2018

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What customers are saying

“Your team created this awesome product and I am the beneficiary of that!! It’s easy to promote something when it makes my job easier and the experience has been great.”
“I personally think booking via Urbandoor is the way to go! Not only does it give you an actual home, but you don’t have to pay all the taxes & fees associated with a hotel stay.”

UberWorks Nomad Team Member

 Representing $20M annually

EY Mobility Specialist

Representing $40M annually

Who stays in the apartments on Urbandoor?

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What are the benefits to being on Urbandoor?



Fill vacancy opportunistically without taking furnished inventory risk.


Increase NOI and capture rent premiums to optimize performance.


No leads to manage, just bookings to help reduce onsite teams workload.


Every UD reservation will receive the criminal and credit check as well as renters insurance


Each month a furnished apt is occupied, an 8% leasing commission will be paid out.

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