Hotel-like Amenities


Property Amenities

The properties on Urbandoor typically include many of the amenities you would find in a hotel. Guests working from home can use business friendly spaces including meeting rooms and business centers. Pet owners can take advantage of dog parks and pet washing stations. There are also features for relaxation and entertainment like pools, BBQs, and gyms. With Urbandoor, you get the convenience and comfort of a hotel but with the added space of an apartment. Below is a selection of typical amenities. 



Our inventory includes three types of multi-family buildings. Mid-rise and High-rise buildings typically have a single entry point. Garden Style buildings have direct entry to each apartment. In all cases, we work to ensure the buildings are safe and secure. Buildings are typically located in prime urban locations, allowing guests to engage in the local community. 


Mid Rise




High Rise

Garden Style

Our properties are designed to support residential communities with premium features. As an Urbandoor guest, you'll have full access to all these features and amenities. Whether you're looking to entertain, host family members, or just have a great living experience, Urbandoor properties are ready to accommodate.

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