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We're your partner in finding affordable, reliable housing in the Bay Area this summer.

It’s less expensive than staying in a hotel or living alone, and more fun.
It felt like a home-like community and I really got to know and bond with other interns in the program.

All apartments come with:

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Optional housekeeping and parking is also available. See full standards.



  • ~$65 per person/night, including the Urbandoor fee.  

  • ~$2K pp upfront and another ~$3K pp before you move-in. This is because rent is due 1 month in advance. In total, each roommate will pay ~$6-8K pp for ~3 months.

  • Signing up 30 days in advance helps reduce your first payment* and make your roommate match.

  • You’ll be living in a fully furnished 2-bedroom, 2 bath apartment with 4 people (with 4 twin beds). 

  • One roommate pays via Urbandoor & collects reimbursement from other roommates.  

  • Bailing is frowned upon. If you’re still considering staying with Aunt Thelma this summer, please don’t sign up!

*If you book fewer than 30 days in advance, you’ll pay for 2 months

upfront because rent is due 1 month in advance.

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This is the person who's responsible for renting the apartment on Urbandoor and collecting reimbursement from their roommates. It's a great way to rack up credit card rewards points, but you'll need to have a $10K transaction limit on your card to avoid snags. And no, you won't get caught holding the bag. Your roommates sign a contract saying they're responsible for their share of rent, so if you have any problems collecting, we can help. Also, know that each roommate is responsible for damages and incidentals individually.
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By checking I AGREE and clicking SUBMIT your information will only be used to connect you with other people with similar preferences in order for you to share an apartment via Urbandoor. You also agree that Urbandoor takes no responsibility for this specific matching service and you use it at your own risk.
 Example of South San Francisco Apartment Community

Example of South San Francisco Apartment Community

 Example of Downtown San Francisco Apartment Community

Example of Downtown San Francisco Apartment Community


What Happens Next?

  1. After you complete the sign-up form, we’ll reach out to you with your roommate matches and apartment community options.

  2. The four of you decide on which community you want to live in and confirm who will be the Apartment Organizer.

  3. The Apartment Organizer books the apartment on Urbandoor.com and collects reimbursement from the other roommates for their portions of the rent. Remember, if you book fewer than 30 days in advance, you'll have to pay for 2 months upfront instead of 1.

  4. Each roommate confirms the stay (lookout for an email) and adds their payment information for incidentals and damages.

  5. Each roommate will get emails 72 hours and again 24 hours with specific arrival details on how to get into your apartment. You’ll also receive emails about housekeeping and departure details.