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Your Urbandoor Booking Guide


If you get a call asking about Irvine’s furnished apartment options, direct the caller to the Irvine Company Furnished Apartment page: https://www.irvinecompanyapartments.com/furnished-apartments.html

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From there, guide them to find the location that works best for them:

Orange County

Los Angeles

Northern California

San Diego

To see more, instruct them to click on the name of the property (e.g., Gateway in Orange).

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Screen Recording 2019-02-15 at 02.59 PM.gif

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From there, they will be taken to Irvine’s booking engine partner: Urbandoor. They can review pictures of the property and pricing for the available apartment options (e.g., Studio, 1 Bedroom, or 2 Bedroom.)

It is very IMPORTANT that the DATES are accurate for the time period they want the apartment. It affects pricing and availability. Should they want to book, have them click the green button (“View Full Pricing”).

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If they are not an Urbandoor member already, they will Sign Up now.


Then, they will be taken to the Booking Form, where they can purchase their stay conveniently online.

Please let them know that this includes all utilities and any additional items they may add. It’s one bill. Paid by credit card. No check writing each month.

Their stay also includes Renter’s Insurance. For details on what this includes, direct them to the Urbandoor Help Center and the keyword “Renter’s Insurance

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After they hit the “Purchase Stay” button, they will receive an email from Urbandoor that walks them through the background and credit check process.


Once cleared on background and credit, their reservation will be final. They will receive instructions on how to get into the property and unit via email 72 hours and 24 hours before their arrival date.

All questions related to this booking are handled by Urbandoor's 24/7 stay support. The Urbandoor concierge loops in the Provider where necessary.



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That’s it! Thank you for your time and efforts to help Irvine customers get the furnished apartments they want and need easily.