Front End Engineer


We’re looking for a highly experienced front-end engineer to join our team at Urbandoor. You’ll work on the most critical pieces of our product: the marketplace that people use every day to book serviced apartments and the interface that our housing providers use to manage everything behind the scenes. You’ll be involved in the product design process and work closely with designers to perfect styles and user experience. Your architecture and stewardship of our applications will help drive the direction of front-end development at Urbandoor.


  • You have a deep understanding of JavaScript, front-end frameworks, CSS, and browser APIs.
  • You are able to solve problems outside the confines of the JS or CSS framework in which you work.
  • You are dedicated to the balance between shipping features and writing clean, sustainable code.
  • You handle constructive feedback gracefully and strive to incorporate others’ feedback into your work.
  • You communicate clearly with designers, product managers, and other non-engineers.
  • You actively seek to reduce engineering friction, eliminate blockers, and improve the developer experience for yourself and your teammates.
  • You understand computer science fundamentals and have years of industry experience.


  • Our tech stack includes React, Typescript, MobX, Semantic UI, LESS, and Jest.
  • We believe well-tested code and documentation leads to a better developer experience.
  • We value constructive, collaborative code reviews that improve our code quality and engineering standards.
  • We have a friendly, welcoming environment and a team that cares about diversity and inclusion. 
  • We’re still small and growing, so there’s opportunity to grow with us. 
  • Our founders are seasoned entrepreneurs and domain experts.


Based in San Francisco, we are building a company that values matching teamwork, family and success with a passionate desire to deliver amazing experiences to our customers, partners and team members. Urbandoor is global marketplace in over 700 markets and growing quickly. We were founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and domain experts that want to do something remarkable.

We offer full benefits, flexible vacation (hiring a great team means trusting everyone to do what they need to succeed), and a chance to build something meaningful with a team of passionate people.