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A Step-by-Step Guide to Urbandoor

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Housing Requests

Step 1: Your workflow begins as usual. Your client makes a request in CoPilot and you receive an email notification. You then go into your Back Office software and submit an API call to Urbandoor by clicking the button in the lower right corner.


PRO TIP: Make sure all details are complete in your Back Office software to submit an accurate request to Urbandoor.

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Step 2: Once there are an adequate number of options, you will get an email to review apartments on Urbandoor. That email will take you to the page shown. Here, you will see apartments that are bookable. These apartments are not being held, but are available and ready for purchase.


PRO TIP: Use the map to hone in on apartments by geography or scroll through to review summary cards.

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Step 3: After reviewing the available options, select the apartments you'd like to share with your client. There could also be apartments with pending quotes, as indicated by no "Book Now" button. Remember, apartments are not held during this time. Use your judgement as to whether you'd like to wait for more options or share for selection immediately.


PRO TIP: Click the checkbox on apartments you want to share with your client. You may have to scroll down to hit the green "Share Offers" button.


Step 4: Fill out this form with your client's information and they will receive an email notification from Urbandoor to review the options you selected for them. They will not see options you don't select.


PRO TIP: Customize the message to your client with information you think they will find helpful to make their decision and decide whether to share price info or not.

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Step 5: Your client will get a system-generated email from Urbandoor with NuCompass in the subject line letting them that you are sharing temporary housing options with them. They will click the button in the email to be taken to view their temporary living options. Here, they will see the note you've written to them and the apartment options you've selected.


Tip: Notice that pricing is not viewable to them.

Step 6: Like you, they can click on the property summary card to review property details. Click the video to see the experience.


PRO TIP:  The top photo gallery is from the property management data feed. The sub-photo gallery are from apartment providers operating in the building.

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Step 7: Your client will now select the option they like best. This will trigger a system-generated email to you, letting you know which option to book.

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Step 8: Click on the Urbandoor email to be taken back to the Quotes page. Click the green button to be taken to the booking page.




Step 9: Complete this form to purchase the stay.


PRO TIP: Under payment details, please select “Invoice my Company.”


Step 10: View upcoming, current and past stays under the Stays tab.


PRO-TIP: You can live chat with an Urbandoor representative by clicking the icon in the lower right corner.



Hooray! You've booked an apartment

Next, the resident confirms their reservation. Click here to see what happens for them next: https://info.urbandoor.com/nucompass-resident-5-steps

Service & Contacts

Pre-Arrival & Stay. All questions related to pre-arrival or during the stay will be handled by Urbandoor's 24/7 stay support. The Urbandoor concierge loops in the Provider where necessary.




NuCompass Success Team

Jeff Werthammer - Account Manager




Lexi Wayman - Fulfillment Manager