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Your Guide to Providing Apartments through Urbandoor


Understand why your company is using Urbandoor and how it helps your business.





Guest Booking

Understand how people shop and book on the Urbandoor platform via Book Now or Check Availability.

Setting Up a Property

Now that your building(s) are active, learn how to set pricing for add-on's to ensure a smooth booking experience for your guests.

PRO TIP: If you manage a Book Now property, please complete this as soon as possible. This enables a clear guest check-out experience.

If you respond to requests and have a large portfolio you will be able to define the add-ons when you make an offer.



First Steps When You Get a Reservation

Learn what you need to do when you get a new reservation and need to set the stay information, wifi, and housekeeping dates.


PRO TIP:  You can save details on 3 different levels: reservation, unit, and property. This makes the information sticky so it's in the system when you get a repeat reservation in the same unit or property.

Handling Book Now Reservations

Learn what you need to do when you get a Book Now reservation and need to activate a unit and order furniture and cable/wifi.


PRO TIP:  Order furniture first and once the delivery is scheduled you can order cable/wifi installation. The apartment will need a TV to test the cable installation.

Managing Property Information

Watch how you to set and manage guest arrival and departure information.


PRO TIP: You can set this ahead of any reservations at a property or you can add it once a stay has been booked at the property.

Managing Your Book Now Operations

With direct connected book now inventory, there are upgraded tools to help manage your operations on Urbandoor via the tasklist, calendar, and reports features.

Canceling Active Apartment Services

Providers who manage apartment services like furniture and cable/wifi via Urbandoor can learn how to cancel services and return apartments to their unfurnished inventory.

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