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How to Login

Learn how to access Urbandoor’s provider dashboard.





Setting Up Properties

Understand how to set your properties up for success.

Setting Pricing

Make sure you have a starting price based on 30 nights, including Urandoor’s 5% fee.



Editing Properties Overview

Now that your properties are set up, you’ll want to add key information that helps clients book and speeds up your operations.

Editing Property Details

Complete this section to help clients find and book your property.



Select the appropriate cancellation policy per property.


Additional Items

If the property has parking, allows pets, or you’re able to offer housekeeping, add those details here.

Arrival & Departure Information

Set property-level arrival and departure information so when you get a booking, all your team has to do is make sure it’s accurate and add unit or reservation specific details like apt number and parking spot.

Displaying Interior Images

Help your brand stand out and entice prospects to rent your apartment with great interior images.

Controlling Property Email Notifications

Ensure you’re getting the email notifications on properties you manage or operate.

Responding to Quote Requests

Find out how to respond to quotes requests so you can get bookings!

Ready to Get Started?

Set yourself up for success by updating your properties now