Hospitality Services + Provider Rules

This page details the standards, service levels, guidelines, audits, enforcement criteria and penalties, including removal or suspension of listings in accordance with the Hospitality Provider Agreement between a Provider and Urbandoor.

Apartment Standards

What every Urbandoor apartment needs to have


Living Spaces

•  TV                                 •  Couch + Chair        •  Coffee table

•  Home decor               •  Lighting                  


Dining & Work Spaces

•  Table                            •  Glassware                      •  Chairs                          

 •  Dining settings         •  Artwork





Bed and Bath Spaces

•  Bed                              •  Dresser                              •  Nightstand

•  TV                                •  Art/Mirror                         •  Bedding (min 2 sets/bed)

•  Hangers                      •  Lighting                             •  Towel sets  





•  Kitchen tools              •  Bakeware                  •  Coffee maker

•  Microwave                   •  Cookware set          •  Iron & ironing board      

•  Toaster                         •  Cleaning items                  






Starter Kits that include:

•  Shampoo                   •  Conditioner            •  Body lotion

•  Body soap                 •  Toilet paper           •  Tissues

•  Paper towels             •  Trash bags             •  Dishwasher soap

•  Dish soap                   •  Sponge                  •  Laundry soap

•  Coffee & tea              



Apartment or Building Services:

•  Wifi                              •  Cable TV                •  24/7 Stay Support

•  Washer & dryer         •  Utilities (no cap)   •  Housekeeping, when available

•  Pets, when allowed  •  Accepts assistance animal

•  Parking, when available   

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Move-in Conditions

Providers must inspect the apartment beforehand


Prior to move-in a Hospitality Provider must ensure the apartment condition meets the General Service Guidelines, including:

  • The apartment is expected to be unquestionably clean and must be dust and dirt free with no carpet stains, wall or floor scuffs or foul odors. Carpet should not be wet from recent shampoo.

  • The apartment is expected to be in complete working order including all appliances, internet services, remote controls, utilities, HVAC and cable/satellite TV service, all utilities connected and functioning and appliances are in working order.

  • All furniture is to be new or like new condition with no visible stains or scratches or cushion degradation.

  • All keys and/or fobs must be in working order and verified as tested, and that at least two (2) copies of keys/fobs are available for the apartment.

  • If a lockbox is used, it must be left in a safe and visible area and must have a verified and working code that matches the information given to Urbandoor for guest use.

  • All mattresses and box springs must be in new or like new condition, free of stains and inspected and verified as Bed Bug Free.


In the event that an apartment fails any portion of the above standards ahead of arrival, the Hospitality Provider must:

  • Ensure that the issue(s) is corrected prior to move-in.

  • In the event that the issue cannot be corrected and that the issue affects the livability of the apartment, the Provider will find and pay for alternative comparable accommodations until such time as the issue is corrected. Urbandoor is to be notified immediately of such issues via phone and email contact.

  • In the event the issue cannot be corrected and that the issue does NOT affect the livability of the apartment, Hospitality Provider must contact Urbandoor via phone and email ( to notify of the issue and the timeline for correction.

Service Standards

Resident / Support Response Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Provider must communicate with Company or Resident/Guest through the Urbandoor via  In person communication with a Resident / Guest is not a violation of this restriction.  Urbandoor must be given phone and email contact information to contact the Provider 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Hospitality Provider agrees to respond and resolve guest issues via or phone within the following time frames for non-urgent questions and/or issues:

  1. First Reply: 3 Business Hours

  2. Wait Time: 8 Business Hours

  3. Resolution: 1 Business Day; may be extended depending on extenuating circumstances

Hospitality Provider agrees to resolve certain issues reported by a Resident/Guest or Company within the timeframes specified below:

The following emergencies must be resolved within one (1) hour:

  1. A lock out where access to keys or the unit are not possible due to Hospitality Provider error as part of the check-in experience (i.e., lockbox code doesn’t work, keys to the unit do not work)

The following emergencies must be resolved within two (2) hours:

  1. Overflowing toilet

  2. Stopped-up toilet if only one bathroom available

  3. Water problems - leaks, broken pipes, running water onto any flooring surface

  4. No hot or cold water

  5. Any unsecured entry (including windows)

  6. Any threatening situation: fire, flood, severe weather, police action, protecting a crime scene (broken windows, locks, doors)

The following emergencies must be resolved within eight (8) hours:

  1. No heat when the outside temperature is under 60 degrees or no air conditioning when the outside temperature is over 85 degrees, unless state law dictates otherwise

  2. Electrical or gas failure of any nature

  3. Malfunction of an essential appliance (refrigerator, stove, etc.)

  4. Malfunctioning access gates that are locked and will not open

  5. A lock change request during the stay could be deemed an emergency as determined by the Hospitality Provider

In the event, Hospitality Provider is unable to fulfill this obligation, Hospitality Provider will reimburse Urbandoor for any customary costs related to alternate comparable accommodations, which will be passed along to Guest. Urbandoor is to be notified immediately of such issues via phone and email contact.


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Escalation + Recovery

Urbandoor is focused on metrics-driven customer satisfaction and support resolution for an enhanced customer experience. Based on performance of the elements noted below, the Hospitality Provider may placed in Probationary or Suspended status. Urbandoor will work with the Hospitality Provider to prescribe a recovery plan to resolve the relevant issues and re-evaluate the Hospitality Provider's status on the platform.

  1. Post-Booking Cancellation

  2. Concierge Response SLA

  3. Arrival Survey Score

  4. Housekeeping Survey Score

  5. Departure Survey Score

  6. Feedback (negative or positive sentiment)

  7. Urbandoor Standard Adherence

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