Optimize Your Asset & Increase NOI with Zero Risk

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What is Urbandoor?


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We are a global platform for 

fully furnished, serviced apartments

 in 1000+ markets.



Companies who trust Urbandoor for business travel and relocation:





Who stays in the apartments on Urbandoor?

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What Properties Get with Urbandoor:

Increased NOI through direct Corporate premiums without inventory risk. 

Reduced onsite lead management effort as only leases come through.

Renter's Insurance, Credit Check, and Background Screening included with every stay.

The ability to respond to the changing needs of residents: fully-furnished, turnkey apartments.

No extra work -- a corporate housing provider furnishes the apartment and handles the logistics.

How to Enroll


Step 1: Onboard 

Sign up using the form below.

Active your property’s data feed.


Step 2: Go Live

Sit back while Urbandoor gets you up and running. We’ll send you a link when it’s up.

An optional training is available to help you prepare for a booking.


Step 3: Get Leases

Corporate housing providers execute your leases and handle the logistics of each stay.

Your onsite teams treats guests like any other resident.