Guest Agreement

Before using the Services in any manner, all Registered Users must agree to the terms of service here.

Cancellation Policy

Depending on the policy chosen by the Provider as well as the time of your booking in relation to your check-in date, you may be held to the cancellation policies which are outlined here.

There are three types of Accommodation Agreements. 

1. Lease Agreement

This is our standard agreement type for Multifamily Owners and Fee Managers. It consists of:

2. License Agreement


3. Sublease Agreement

This is our standard agreement type for Corporate Housing Providers and consists of:

This is a Sublease Agreement for Owners who are not managing the services but have contracted them out to a third party Hospitality Provider. 



Companies and Agencies

Urbandoor enables companies, travel agencies, relocation firms, and other qualifies 3rd parties to sign an agreement to book on behalf of Guests on Urbandoor.  Please fill out the form below if you wish to book on behalf of your own employees or clients.  

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