Welcome Uber!

Check out the below video of how to book a furnished apartment with Urbandoor

See Your Step-by-Step Guide to Booking

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Step 1: Visit https://www.urbandoor.com and enter the desired location and dates.



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Step 2: Review the options and adjust the filters by apartment type.




PRO TIP: Lightning bolts indicate instant book. You can purchase them without waiting.

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Step 3: To run a bulk quote request (recommended), click the white "Check availability in this area" button.


PRO TIP: This maximizes your chance of having great options to choose from.

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Step 4: Give your search a name that will help you track it (e.g., Project Travel to Chicago).


PRO TIP: Providers have 24 hours to get back to you Monday - Friday. You will be notified via email when quotes are back.

Quote 2.png

Step 5: Each time you have a quote, you’ll receive an email. Click the green button in the email to view.


PRO TIP: Save Urbandoor as a contact to ensure emails always get to your inbox.

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Step 6: You can view the status of your requests under the Quotes tab.

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Step 7: Click into a request to review all quotes associated with that inquiry.

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Step 8: To share a quote with someone, click the green "Share" text in the upper left corner of the quote page.




Step 9: Click the green button on the quote card to see full costs. Complete this form to purchase.


PRO TIP: For payment, be sure to input your American Express corporate card.

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Step 10: Arrival instructions will be sent at least 3 days before your arrival date.

PRO TIP: Some properties may require a background check. If this is the case, you will be notified via email and directed to an easy online process.


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That’s it - have a great stay!

Service & Contacts

Booking Support. For any platform use or booking-related questions, please contact our fulfillment team at:

Email: booking@urbandoor.com.

International: +1 415-236-5902

UK: +44 7480 802933

For escalations, contact:

Lexi Wayman - Fulfillment Manager



Post-Booking & Stay Support. All questions related to pre-arrival or during your stay will be handled by Urbandoor's 24/7 stay support. Urbandoor loops in the apartment Provider where necessary.

Email: support@urbandoor.com


Uber Account Management

Jeff Werthammer - Account Manager